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I have a wireless router in my home. Will it interfere with my alarm system that communicates wirelessly?

Q. It only communicates with the doors and the windows, and calls via landline if someone is breaking in. Will these two systems interfere with one another.

My wireless router is through verizon and my alarm system is ADT. Thanks!

A. I know DSC uses 433 at one point I believe they were playing around in the 900MHz range. I will have to check what Ademco uses (These are the to systems typically used by ADT). Check the inside of a contact as well as the back of the router.

In my opinion, even if the frequency doesn't match your router there are still plenty of things out there which can interfere with your wireless security system (Both inside and outside your home). As for the opposite frequency thing, I don't know where you heard that but in 20 years in the industry I have heard no such thing. Wireless security is wireless security which is crap. I have written a number of articles on the topic which can be found in many places online including
Unfortunately the security alarm industry has become increasingly numbers based. The more accounts the better at all costs. Wireless security systems are easy to install, therefor they win out in the numbers game. Hardwire security systems will always be superior.

With your system, if it is set up properly, it will indicate detector supervision loss. In which case your keypad should beep. Of course with wireless being flawed in nature, many shady companies are disabling supervision entirely because they know it will cause costly service calls. All for the might dollar, the industry makes me sick sometimes. Now comes the hate mail. :P

How do you get a license to install and maintain security alarm systems in the state of Colodado?
Q. I want to become a licensed security system contractor in Coorado, who do I go about this?

A. A great way to find out the requirements is to head to the major alarm manufacturer websites (Broadview, ADT, etc.) and go to their "become a dealer" section. There you will find training and certification requirements that you will need. In some cases, the information may even be broken down by individual state.

By doing this you will also be able to compile a bunch of "search terms" that you can use to do detailed searches on the net for the information.

Hope this helps and good luck!

I am getting a home secuity system. Should i display my security stickers?
Q. I saw on tv one day , that you should not display your home security stickers. This would enable the theft / robber to familiarize /master your alarm system <brinks, adt, etc...>

They might be able to get some default codes. and overide your house alarm...

What do you think?
Do you display your house alarm stickers?


A. If a burglar really wants into your home, a security sign isn't going to deter him/her. All a sign is going to tell him is that he needs to go around the back of the house and cut the phone lines so that the alarm can't call the police (unless it's got a cellular back-up). Stick the signs up, so that the burglar will go onto an easier house. Might as well ask the alarm company for extras and give them to your neighbors too!!

Is there a way to turn on an adt security system alarm without monitoring?
Q. I am leasing a business space with an ADT alarm system in it, but it is not activated. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to turn on the alarm part of it without having to be monitored by ADT, there are neighbors here by the business that would call the cops as fast as ADT, I just need the alarms.

A. You will need a user manual for your particular model so you can set the codes to activate it, etc.

Ask ADT or the manufacturer of the alarm or the owner of the store for a copy.

Worst come to worst, activate it with ADT for a couple of months, so they can help you set it up and then cancel it.

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